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The End Result

Last Friday Nathan fractured his wrist. Initial x-rays had the doctor concerned about a couple ligaments that he thought were spread out so he ordered a CT Scan to get a better look. It looked like surgery for Nathan.

Today we can thankfully report that he does NOT need surgery and will be in his new “Go Blue” cast for about 6 weeks. He can continue with cardio activity so Coach Chris has him on the bike as I write. You former swimmers will not be surprised at this. 🙂

This injury was a big set-back for Nathan who had just finished his goal-setting meeting with Coach Chris for the new swim season on the Science Hill High School team. He even has one of his times written up on the mirror as a constant reminder. Those plans will now be delayed a bit but he’s hoping not to lose too much ground.

Here are our photos of the day.

CT Scan at Franklin Woods Hospital

The temporary cast was cut off. The wrist is still pretty swollen.

A “sock” on the arm and a separate one on the thumb. The break is through the growth plate where the thumb meets up with the wrist, but the doctor doesn’t expect any healing problems. They have immobilized the thumb.

Next, the “Go Blue” wrap. Now we just need some maize colored duct tape to make an “M” for it.

We are saying, “Thank you, God!!!” that he doesn’t need surgery.


PACK Swim Meet

Thank you for allowing this mother to brag a bit about her favorite son (okay, he’s her only son).

Nathan made it to finals this weekend in two events of Saturday’s competition. As you watch his races, notice the yelling in the background…you can probably hear Ellen (and a bunch of her friends who attended) screaming for her favorite brother. Here are his two races from finals (I apologize for the advertisements before each race – one was a bit “racey”):

  • 100 Breast Stroke, Lane 4, first heat – Nathan cut 2 seconds off his best time during this race (One of his close friends won this event overall in the second heat of this same link)
  • 200 Butterfly, Lane 5, first heat – Nathan cut 1 second off his best time during this race

We are so thankful that PACK recorded these races via LiveStream for us to be able to share these events with family and friends who were not able to attend. We are also thankful for great coaching…thank you, Coach Chris!

A Great Finish

SHHS State Swim Team 2010

Ellen just finished her senior year swim season – and what a way to go out! Participation on the 200 Medley Relay team earned her a school record and helped to earn 7th place at state for our girls’ team. Way to go, Ellie Mae!!

Conference Champs again this year!

She is enjoying coming home after school (AND not smelling like chlorine 24-7) but I think she does miss the exercise. She’s had time to enjoy biking, running, and trying to beat her brother at “Around the World.”