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My Name is Rhonda – I am a Ding Dong

I told you it would be continued…probably life-long.

All of our weirdness, now focused on one child.

All of our weirdness, now focused on one child.

Have you ever had a day that you wish you could press “rewind” and start over? My kids used to ask me what super power I’d like to have. I think I’m choosing the “rewind the clock” superpower. DIBS!

I facilitated a class this morning called, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, using Dr. Richard Carlson’s book as a springboard. This morning, I “sweat the small stuff” and made the men in my life miserable in the process. Dumb things – like sitting down in a wet spot that got my clothes wet (though they were dry within 30 minutes) and which direction to school would be faster (and their way WAS faster). These are things that definitely won’t matter in a year, and in fact, won’t matter by tomorrow. As my son got out of the car this morning he said, “well, THAT was the most stressful drive to school I’ve ever had.” Poor thing. I hope his memory is short.

So, I write this as a public apology to my husband and son for crabbing this morning over things that are “small stuff.” I hope you, my faithful readers, don’t make the same mistakes that I do.