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Lawn Mowing 101

Today I mowed the lawn for the first time in at least 35 years. I do not think I have mowed since I lived with my parents many moons ago. Now I will share some wisdom I learned while mowing today, just in case any of you have been out of practice for a while.

  • It is probably a good idea to mow the lawn at least once while someone is around that knows HOW to mow the lawn.
  • When you ask your son and husband for step-by-step instructions and Step #1 is “remove the mower from the garage,” then you KNOW they are making fun of you.
  • Even though your son and husband have written down step-by-step instructions, there are always things that they will fail to mention – NOT because they are mean, but simply because they mow so often that it is second nature to them. I mean, nobody told me that the gas tank was hiding UNDER the seat of the riding mower.
  • Allow PLENTY of time to mow the lawn before dark.
  • When using a walking mower that has one of those levers you pull to make the wheels turn so you simply walk behind the mower, be ready to GO when you pull the lever.
  • When things on the mower are strapped or tied up, make sure you look carefully at how they are strapped or tied JUST in case you brush into a bush and they fall off and you have to re-attach them.
  • ALWAYS be aware of the width of your mower.
  • When using the walking mower, if you are on a small hill and the shoes you have chosen are a little slick, it is probably a good idea to change shoes BEFORE you get to the big hill.
big hill

Big Hill

small hill

Small Hill

Big hill from the bottom

Big hill, looking up from the bottom.

  • Did you know that when you leave your mower, unexpectedly, while mowing that it automatically shuts off?
  • Always remove items from the bottom of a big hill BEFORE you begin to mow.
Bottom of big hill

Who put that junk there anyway??? Oh, nevermind, it was me.

  • Did you know that if you get off a riding mower without shutting it off first that it shuts off by itself?
  • Don’t wear slippery pants while on a riding mower. Slippery pants + big hill = see previous bullet
  • Duck when going under low branches. Now, I know you experienced mowers think this is an unnecessary step, but when you are a new mower there are MANY things to remember while driving.
  • While on a riding mower, when you feel like you are getting the hang of it and feel very happy and proud of yourself, do NOT smile. You KNOW what the front grill of your car looks like.
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor…

Finished!! …in a record breaking time of THREE HOURS!! Woo Hoo!


My Name is Rhonda – I am a Ding Dong

I told you it would be continued…probably life-long.

All of our weirdness, now focused on one child.

All of our weirdness, now focused on one child.

Have you ever had a day that you wish you could press “rewind” and start over? My kids used to ask me what super power I’d like to have. I think I’m choosing the “rewind the clock” superpower. DIBS!

I facilitated a class this morning called, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, using Dr. Richard Carlson’s book as a springboard. This morning, I “sweat the small stuff” and made the men in my life miserable in the process. Dumb things – like sitting down in a wet spot that got my clothes wet (though they were dry within 30 minutes) and which direction to school would be faster (and their way WAS faster). These are things that definitely won’t matter in a year, and in fact, won’t matter by tomorrow. As my son got out of the car this morning he said, “well, THAT was the most stressful drive to school I’ve ever had.” Poor thing. I hope his memory is short.

So, I write this as a public apology to my husband and son for crabbing this morning over things that are “small stuff.” I hope you, my faithful readers, don’t make the same mistakes that I do.

My Name is Rhonda – I am a Ding Dong (Part III)

I sometimes write things that are moving, or sweet, or heartfelt…but those don’t get your attention. It’s when I (or my “adoring” children) write about my failures or my “ding dongness” that your ears perk up. Here’s proof:

Not only did this post get 91 (ninety-one) likes, it also had 34 (thirty-four) comments from all over the U.S., Canada, Egypt, Malaysia (well, she’s studying in New York but it sounded good). I’ve never had ANYTHING get that much attention…even when it’s about God!!

I rest my case. (And I’m not even letting Nathan add HIS 2 cents this time.)

My Name is Rhonda. I AM a Ding Dong. (Part II)

Here we are, the dynamic writing duo, to bring you another episode in the “Ding Dong” series. (I have agreed to help my mom with this blog because, obviously, i make everything better.)

If I had a picture of myself crying, I would definitely submit it with this blog.

As "eye" see it...

Biology has been my biggest challenge, so far, in my return to college full time – after 34 years. Heading into my final exam, I was hoping for another “B” in part two of Biology. (Right, she takes her mid-term exam and nails it – and i am annoyed with her. High and mighty mom gets all  A’s, but her mind only goes so far.) My calendar was all up-to-date and I had two exams to finish…one on Tuesday and Biology on Wednesday. Monday afternoon, after studying for both exams, I logged on to Facebook to stalk my children when I saw a post on my wall by my friend, Mary: “Rhonda, is everything okay? We missed you in Biology this morning.” WHAT???!!! (Probably her memory loss acting up again)

My children often accuse me of  “freaking out,” when I am actually quite calm. (She is actually never calm about school. She usually starts to have a panic attack within…2 minutes.) I can definitely say at this point that I was indeed freaking out. (She was actually going psycho on us.)

I had simply written down the wrong date in my calendar…plain and simple. (Once again, memory loss) And for some reason, I hadn’t heard anything up to this point to make me question the date I had written down.

This particular story does have a happy ending: My professor allowed me to come in and take the final in his office and I ended up with an “A” in part two of Biology. Though I think the “freak out” I experienced BEFORE I got to the happy ending cost me a couple years of my life. (haha –  couple of years…the way she was acting, it probably cost her 20 years)

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Water Droplets

Great link to a site showing what REALLY happens when it’s raining outside. Puts a whole new dimension to the song “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head”. We’ll have to change the name to “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ and Bouncing and Bouncing and Bouncing…”