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Lawn Mowing 101

Today I mowed the lawn for the first time in at least 35 years. I do not think I have mowed since I lived with my parents many moons ago. Now I will share some wisdom I learned while mowing today, just in case any of you have been out of practice for a while.

  • It is probably a good idea to mow the lawn at least once while someone is around that knows HOW to mow the lawn.
  • When you ask your son and husband for step-by-step instructions and Step #1 is “remove the mower from the garage,” then you KNOW they are making fun of you.
  • Even though your son and husband have written down step-by-step instructions, there are always things that they will fail to mention – NOT because they are mean, but simply because they mow so often that it is second nature to them. I mean, nobody told me that the gas tank was hiding UNDER the seat of the riding mower.
  • Allow PLENTY of time to mow the lawn before dark.
  • When using a walking mower that has one of those levers you pull to make the wheels turn so you simply walk behind the mower, be ready to GO when you pull the lever.
  • When things on the mower are strapped or tied up, make sure you look carefully at how they are strapped or tied JUST in case you brush into a bush and they fall off and you have to re-attach them.
  • ALWAYS be aware of the width of your mower.
  • When using the walking mower, if you are on a small hill and the shoes you have chosen are a little slick, it is probably a good idea to change shoes BEFORE you get to the big hill.
big hill

Big Hill

small hill

Small Hill

Big hill from the bottom

Big hill, looking up from the bottom.

  • Did you know that when you leave your mower, unexpectedly, while mowing that it automatically shuts off?
  • Always remove items from the bottom of a big hill BEFORE you begin to mow.
Bottom of big hill

Who put that junk there anyway??? Oh, nevermind, it was me.

  • Did you know that if you get off a riding mower without shutting it off first that it shuts off by itself?
  • Don’t wear slippery pants while on a riding mower. Slippery pants + big hill = see previous bullet
  • Duck when going under low branches. Now, I know you experienced mowers think this is an unnecessary step, but when you are a new mower there are MANY things to remember while driving.
  • While on a riding mower, when you feel like you are getting the hang of it and feel very happy and proud of yourself, do NOT smile. You KNOW what the front grill of your car looks like.
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor…

Finished!! …in a record breaking time of THREE HOURS!! Woo Hoo!


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Born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. Graduated from Oakridge High School - Go Blue! Married a University of Michigan grad - Go Blue! Back in college full-time at East Tennessee State University - Go Blue!

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  1. Great job! Looks nice….the boys will be sooooo proud! I would have paid someone….ha ha.
    Love you lots!

  2. What a trooper you are!! Great job and standing O for your story!! Thanks for the smiles this morning!

  3. Absolutely hilarious! Good job, honey! Thanks for tidying up the yard. It looks great? and you still love us both?


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