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…and Now You Know the Rest of the Story (Paul Harvey)

Lydia sent me a text this afternoon telling me she would call at 6:30 p.m. this evening. At 8:15 p.m. we finally connected on Skype – though she had her video off until the very end because it slows down the internet so much. So, faithful readers, let me pick up where we left off.

Lydia was on her way to dinner with the two women from Honduras, but they were being very quiet about where they were eating. They finally arrived at the restaurant – it was outdoors, beside the ocean, and beautiful. A door was finally opened and there was Philip in his best t-shirt and shorts. They hugged and kissed, which scared off the two women she was with. Actually, I think they politely excused themselves at this point.

Philip – waiting at the restaurant for Lydia to arrive. (Not really – I stole ALL of these photos from Philip’s Facebook wall and just twisted them to fit my version of the proposal story.)

At this point, we would expect him to fall to his knees and express his undying love or something sappy like that. Instead, they sat down, ordered their meal, and then she heard his story of how he had arranged the surprise. Then he told her that he had a surprise for her…and pulled out a package of coffee. Apparently they have this “thing” that when he goes out of the country he brings her coffee beans. So she discreetly looked down into the beans to see if the ring was hiding in there. My guess is that he had that “cheeky” grin on his face. But, no ring and no proposal.

Philip’s “cheeky” grin – though the one above works too. Doesn’t it just look like he’s got something up his sleeve? (Philip’s parents will have to confirm this.)

THEY ATE THEIR ENTIRE MEAL and after the dishes were cleared, Philip told Lydia that he had another present for her but it was very large so she would need to close her eyes. Unbeknownst to her, he was setting up the video camera. When she opened her eyes she found a little box in front of her…with another box inside…and then, the ring. And just so you know, I DID guess his line, “Hey Babe, wanna get hitched?” She kissed him and said, “Yes, truly with all my heart.” (or something like that)

She said, “YES!”

…”This is Paul Harvey – and now you know the rest of the story. Good day!”


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  1. Rose Swinburne

    Oh, a story that will be passed down for generations!

  2. Beautiful!!


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