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The Proposal Details You’ve All Been Waiting For…

Lydia FINALLY called me tonight at 7:07 p.m. in the middle of our prayer meeting. Normally I would simply ignore my phone during this time, but calls from Lydia while in Honduras are rare so I stepped out. She called because I’ve pestered her NUMEROUS times (I think she said seven)  on Facebook and so she decided to take a few minutes to call me after their meeting was over.

I’ll start at the beginning…

Oh wait – not this far back.

In April of 2012, Philip asked for our permission to marry our daughter. Some may think this custom is old fashioned, but we enjoyed every minute of it and, of course, said “yes.” I have watched the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice (the five-hour version) so many times with my daughters that I think that’s where this idea came from because Tom did not ask my dad for permission. I was thinking he would ask within the next couple of weeks, but Mr. Price had bigger plans that just a simple, “Hey Babe, wanna get hitched?”

Another part of the Bier family custom is to wrestle the youngest brother for permission. If Philip can win the wrestling match, he can win Lydia’s hand. I can’t believe all families don’t have these customs.

As you can see, Philip completed both of the requirements and now he only needed to build up his courage to ask the said fair maiden. HA! Somehow, as you will see, he had an idea of what her answer would be.

Lydia moved all her belongings to her new apartment in South Carolina where she will be starting her new job on July 2nd. She spent a weekend in her new home and then left for her month-long internship in Honduras. I would imagine she was very sad when she left Philip.

This is her sad movie-star face and I’m pretty sure it’s the one she used when they parted.

Lydia has been in Honduras, settling in, switching to the Spanish part of her brain (so much so that the first time we were talking, she switched into Spanish – now I’ve had two semesters of Spanish but she knows that I only remember the greeting), basically focused on her task at hand.

Thursday morning, my phone rang as I was heading into a meeting. “Philip” appeared on my screen and I immediate knew something was up. When I answered my phone and heard airport noises (I love the sound of a noisy airport), I knew where he was headed and that Lydia was in for the best surprise of her lifetime. All day I was DYING to tell Grace, Ellen, and Nathan but knew that it would be way more fun for them to hear it from Lydia so I restrained myself. Unfortunately, I could not stop looking at the clock all day OR smiling every once in a while – so much so that at one point during a card game with Grace and Nathan, Grace was sure that I had cheated or had something up my sleeve. She said I had my sneaky grin on. WHAT?? I have one?

Is this it?

Here’s where Lydia’s portion of the story picks up. Sorry it took me so long to get back here. Philip and Lydia were apparently talking on the phone when he needed to get going to the airport to catch his flight. Being the honest young man that he is, he told Lydia he was going to take someone to the airport…but skirted around the issue of who. Lydia thought it was odd, but set that aside. She was having dinner with a couple women from Honduras for planning or something. They were acting odd…

Tom used to read stories to the kids. He would usually only read one chapter. Some of the books they read together really left you hanging at a critical point in the story. The kids would beg and beg and beg for their dad to read, “JUST ONE MORE CHAPTER.” Occasionally he would, but tonight children I cannot. Because this is the point in the story when I was cut off from Lydia and she still hasn’t called me back. AHHHH!!! So I STILL don’t know the story.


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  1. How fun and exciting this story is! I’m so happy for Lydia :). Can’t wait to hear the rest of the engagement story!! Wonder when the wedding will be?? :))))) Love to all!! Beautiful exciting memorable times!!!

  2. Ps. Dave asked my mom and Eric for my hand too :). I think its wonderful!!!!!!! :))))

  3. come on I was just preparing to cry….aaaaaaaa

  4. Ugh! So frustrated by the Biers and Sprint! Please please another chapter today!!!!!!
    So excited for all of you! Laura


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