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What a Find!

Yesterday was a great day for many reasons. I’ve time time with my two youngest daughters…exercising, shopping, playing games, etc. We tried to help Tom with the pool but are not strong enough, which should make Tom feel good.

Tom said, “Just push it in and give a small twist.”

I failed, so muscular Ellen gave it a shot…

…using ALL of her muscles.

So we left that job for Tom and went shopping. While getting groceries we popped into a little second hand store and found a couple of beauties.

Machine pieced, but hand appliqued.

…and a brother to go with it.

Completely hand pieced.

The first two will easily fit a full sized bed so I’ll probably add a border when I quilt them to make them fit a queen sized bed. The green one will fit a twin bed. I paid $4 each for them. AHH!! Best. Bargain. Of. My. Life! ๐Ÿ™‚


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Born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. Graduated from Oakridge High School - Go Blue! Married a University of Michigan grad - Go Blue! Back in college full-time at East Tennessee State University - Go Blue!

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  1. SueAnne Green

    so let me know where. I have been saving Jessica’s swim tshirts since her 1st one as a 5 yrold. I plan on making it into a quilt & looking for ideas on someone th do this for a reasonable deal. no hurry, they are beautiful.

    • rlbreflections

      Let’s get together to do this, SueAnne. I have t-shirts of Ellen and Grace’s too. I’ve already talked to someone about how to do it. Let’s plan some time this summer…maybe during swim practice???


    Wow! Good for you! They’re both very neat. Marian made JB’s quilt with the same pattern as the second topper.

    Glad you got to spend time with some of your girls. ๐Ÿ™‚


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