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Phase 9 of Motherhood

Actually, I just made up that number. I’ve heard numerous people say things like “on to the next phase (or chapter) of your life.” So as I sit here in Lydia’s kitchen (taking a break from packing because, quite frankly, I have no idea what she needs to survive for the next two weeks. I mean, I know what I would keep but she is not me…she’ll be happy to know that.) while she is in the next room making plans for HER next phase with the love of her life.

Lydia – deciding which dishes to pack.

“Phase 9” is actually a very odd place for me to be. I’ve never been here before. I’m not quite sure what to do or what to say. Sometimes I feel like I say just the right thing and the next thing I know I’ve swallowed both of my feet. But, because I care more about my relationship with my family than about winning the discussions (though Tom or my baby brother or sister may argue with this statement), I am willing to get the shovel and dig my feet out.

Gracie (2) – Wasn’t this just yesterday? And yet she just graduated from college!

The thing that I really appreciate about these relationships with my family is that we have a history of love and trust. So, while we might not always like what the other one is saying, we’re able to somehow muddle our way back to a place of, well, love and trust.

Ellen (2) – deciding if she wants to jump into the cold Lake Rosseau.

Nathan (2) – One of my favorite gardeners. (Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to turn this picture. Just tilt your computer to the right, or your head to the left, and you can see it just fine.)

And from there I can actually enjoy watching my kids go through THEIR next phases. We remember the romance and the plans…don’t we Tom. 🙂 We still have a few plans of our own.


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Born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. Graduated from Oakridge High School - Go Blue! Married a University of Michigan grad - Go Blue! Back in college full-time at East Tennessee State University - Go Blue!

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  1. Love your posts, Aunt Rhonda! I’m glad you’ve still got plans even after your kids fly the coop: some people seem to forget how to live after that. :).

  2. Wonderful post Aunt Rhonda! Its always a new phase with motherhood it seems for me 😉 but each phase brings a new joy and smile! xoxoxo


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