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My Name is Rhonda. I AM a Ding Dong. (Part II)

Here we are, the dynamic writing duo, to bring you another episode in the “Ding Dong” series. (I have agreed to help my mom with this blog because, obviously, i make everything better.)

If I had a picture of myself crying, I would definitely submit it with this blog.

As "eye" see it...

Biology has been my biggest challenge, so far, in my return to college full time – after 34 years. Heading into my final exam, I was hoping for another “B” in part two of Biology. (Right, she takes her mid-term exam and nails it – and i am annoyed with her. High and mighty mom gets all  A’s, but her mind only goes so far.) My calendar was all up-to-date and I had two exams to finish…one on Tuesday and Biology on Wednesday. Monday afternoon, after studying for both exams, I logged on to Facebook to stalk my children when I saw a post on my wall by my friend, Mary: “Rhonda, is everything okay? We missed you in Biology this morning.” WHAT???!!! (Probably her memory loss acting up again)

My children often accuse me of  “freaking out,” when I am actually quite calm. (She is actually never calm about school. She usually starts to have a panic attack within…2 minutes.) I can definitely say at this point that I was indeed freaking out. (She was actually going psycho on us.)

I had simply written down the wrong date in my calendar…plain and simple. (Once again, memory loss) And for some reason, I hadn’t heard anything up to this point to make me question the date I had written down.

This particular story does have a happy ending: My professor allowed me to come in and take the final in his office and I ended up with an “A” in part two of Biology. Though I think the “freak out” I experienced BEFORE I got to the happy ending cost me a couple years of my life. (haha –  couple of years…the way she was acting, it probably cost her 20 years)

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Born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. Graduated from Oakridge High School - Go Blue! Married a University of Michigan grad - Go Blue! Back in college full-time at East Tennessee State University - Go Blue!

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  1. You guys are too funny…so THIS is what you were trying to remember to tell everyone you’d forgotten….Confusing right??

  2. Yes, you got me chuckling again with all Nathan’s comments! He is so funny. And the blog is so personal and well-written. Creative, too!

  3. Cute post you guys : ) And congrats on the excellent grades!!!

  4. You have just confirmed that I too am too old and forgetful and too psychotic to go back to school! Love you! Thanks for the laugh this morning!


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