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The Results Are In…

…well, MY results are in. 🙂 I have found out that OUR kitchen is used more than the average cited in the last blog, “women 5.5 hours and men 1.75 hours.”

Tom came in at 3 hours and 25 minutes...but I don't think he wrote his time in every time he swept or washed dishes.

Nathan came in at 1 hour and 15 minutes...bringing the males in the family up to 4 hours and 40 minutes! Go Bier Boys!

I came in at 7 hours and 35 minutes. I tried to capture all of my cooking and cleaning time in the kitchen so mine should be accurate.

I know, I know – the article was “on average,” but I just thought it seemed low. Of course, that’s looking through MY filter. Hey, Thanksgiving might be a great week to figure our time! All of the kids will be home from college. On second thought, nevermind, I think I’ll play a game instead of recording my time.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And remember (this is a copy of one of my favorite Mary Englebright drawings):


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  1. Very interesting! I wonder how many hours I spend in the kitchen too 🙂 Great photo of all of you guys at my mom’s 🙂 I wonder where I was?? Maybe we were out of town that Thanksgiving? Love the Mary Englebreit pic also! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! XO

    • The date on the photo is “Thanksgiving 2007.” We will really miss all of you this Thanksgiving but look forward to getting “back on track” next Thanksgiving. 🙂 Enjoy your time with your dad.

  2. You write so well, and the Mary Englebrite card is right on! Good pics, too! I like your research, and no, I didn’t write all my time down. I think I missed a minute or two :)!

    • It was definitely more than a minute or two. I think the day you had 10 minutes written down was the one that I came in and found you on your hands and knees mopping the floor.

  3. I’m sorry I didn’t keep count…we’ve got two people actively in the kitchen these days too.
    I find JOY in being in the kitchen and would love to spend even more time there…preparing food is such a pleasure and is a way to express love for family and friends.


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