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When You’re Down and Troubled…

Friends are great, aren’t they? I have made some wonderful friends over the years – many of them live too far away for me to enjoy as often as I would like…

Today, I was shopping at Beaty Shoes here in Johnson City, TN. I had a stressful day at school after a Biology Lab exam gone awry and needed some shopping therapy.

As I was walking down the aisle, two older women were sitting on a bench. One was trying on shoes, the other was observing. The first stood in front of the floor mirror looking at the shoes…her friend said, “Those are hideous from the back!” I burst out laughing. Honestly, I couldn’t control it. They both looked over at me, maybe surprised that I had overheard the comment and I said, “May I borrow your honest friend while I shop?”

Now that I think about it, maybe that was her sister. At least that’s how MY sister and I shop. 🙂 Friends might say it a little sweeter like, “Oh, how about this pair instead.”


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Born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. Graduated from Oakridge High School - Go Blue! Married a University of Michigan grad - Go Blue! Back in college full-time at East Tennessee State University - Go Blue!

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  1. Gotta love those good friends….and sisters are just good friends on steroids 🙂

  2. True true true 🙂 love u aunt Rhonda

  3. Haha, this is great, Mama. Only you would talk to strangers in a shoe store….ok, you and all of your offspring…. 🙂

  4. First of all big sister….do you want me to let you walk out of a store with something seriously nasty or do you want me to be honest? Second, my daughter yells at me all the time cause I will talk to random people waiting in line at the store and she hates it..ha ha pretty funny. Love you!

  5. Great story. 🙂 I love honest people!!

  6. Rhonda, you know i would tell you if you were trying on hideous shoes! And why is it daughters hate when you chat with stangers in retail establishments? LOL
    Miss you! Laura


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