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Best Family Vacation

One glimpse of the beauty that we were able to enjoy each day.

This summer was our best family vacation to date…in my opinion. Every year we look forward to vacation because it is a time for us to pull away from our normal routine and regroup as a family. This was the first time in four years that we’ve all been together to do that. I now realize that each time it happens (with three adult children), it is really a gift.

Grace had the record this year for the biggest catch - an 18 inch small mouth bass. Delicious!

Thanks to the generosity of Canadian friends, our kids enjoy tubing, wakeboarding, sailing, water gun fights, and windsurfing each summer.

Nathan's first summer attempting the wind surfer.

Big sister, Lydia, teaches Nathan a thing or two.

We had eight blissful days with all six of us together in one of our favorite family places to be – Canada. The weather was warm and sunny so we spent much of our time in the water together. Tom rode is bike quite a few times (LOOOOOOONG distances) and he was faithful in his swimming exercises.

Look at that nice freestyle stroke. No, this isn't Michael Phelps. It really is Tom Bier.

The kids love trying to sink the raft.

Once the two oldest kids left, my sister and her son joined us for a week. I realized that this was the first time since she was in high school that we’ve had her all to ourselves. (She flew to Florida and stayed with us for a week when Lydia was a baby. 22 years is a bit long, Becky.)

Becky and her son made a friend in Canada - Trevor the duck. We later had to change his name to Trevina when he/she brought her babies for some snacks.

From Canada we headed to another family favorite vacation spot – Cedar Campus, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This is an InterVarsity Training Camp for college students that Tom has attended since he was young. In fact, I think two of his siblings met their future spouses at this camp. Hmm…

An evening shot at Cedar Campus by our friend and famous photographer, Ken White.

Cedar Campus is a beautiful place to reconnect with God and other friends in ministry. This is where I learned to enjoy a “Retreat of Silence” for 3 hours each week. Our family has attended… well, since we’ve been a family. Following in their father’s footsteps, two of our kids have worked at Cedar during the summer – Lydia worked on the Program Crew one summer (2007?) and Ellen worked on the Recreation Crew this summer.

Ellen doing one of her jobs. Can you believe it? Getting PAID to drive a boat for the summer.

Our vacation ended the way we spend most of our time now – as a three-some. We spent the night in Ann Arbor, MI with our friends, the Whites (well, a couple of them) and attended the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

Another "Kodak moment" by Ken White.

Tom with the famous photographer, Ken White. (I have to give him credit because I made prints of some of his pictures.)

I am so thankful for what has been Number One in my memory of vacations. Of course, my kids like to remind me that my memory isn’t all that great. What a blessing!


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Born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. Graduated from Oakridge High School - Go Blue! Married a University of Michigan grad - Go Blue! Back in college full-time at East Tennessee State University - Go Blue!

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  1. Beautiful post aunt Rhonda 🙂 vacations are wonderful and it’s awesome all your kiddos were able to be there 🙂 ps Nathan is looking so grown up in the photo with u and uncle tommy!!

  2. Great journal entry and capture of the essence of the trip. I’m glad you didn’t mention Settler’s!

  3. I love all your photos. Ken’s got some photog skills! So glad for your fabulous vacation.


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