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Phase 3 – Generator Turned On!

Tuesday, July 1st, we met mom and dad in Ann Arbor for breakfast and the exciting conclusion to dad’s looooong surgical procedure. Phase 3 consisted of dad’s generator being turned on to stop the tremor in his left hand. (Read previous blogs for Phases 1 and 2)

The remote was turned on by dad’s doctor in a similar way that you increase the volume of your television by remote control…only this was sending volts into dad’s brain. At 3.5 volts, the tremor was completely gone but dad said, “I see two of my daughter – that’s TOO many.” (Note by doctor: “Sense of humor still in tact.”) He backed it off to 2.5 volts, which eliminated the tremor by 98%. Plus it gives them a bit of room in case his brain adjusts and it needs to be increased a bit.

After three days, the tremor returned, which the doctor told us was pretty common. The brain adjusts to the voltage. He returns on Tuesday for adjustments. The doctor told us that they used to allow individuals to make these minor adjustments themselves. But since there is no digital readout of what voltage reading is, people had trouble remembering whether they had had gone up 2 clicks or 5. Also, he told us of a case where someone used it as a party trick – now you see the tremor, now you don’t. 🙂

I’m so proud of my dad for having the courage to go through with this surgery. Thank you all for continuing to pray that the adjustments are made and the tremor remains under control.

UPDATE: Tuesday’s appointment was disappointing. Now the questions are: Do the probes need to be moved?  replaced? Two more weeks until we have some answers.


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  1. Your dad is an inspiration! This is such new science and so amazing, it has helped so many people. We’ll keep him in our prayers…pray that the fine tuning make it perfect!


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