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Phase 2 went well today (6-15-09)

Photo 3

The “No Tremor Countdown” continues.

Monday, June 15th, dad will undergo Phase 2 of his surgery. His head has healed wonderfully. We tied his hands to his side so that he wouldn’t touch the incision. Just kidding…he behaved himself and it shows. For you game players – he moved on to the next level.

Tuesday, June 30th, the generator will be turned on and the tremor turned OFF! Then we’ll be having a party. By the way, dad, no pressure but you should have enough recovery time to finish my headboard by Christmas. 🙂


NEWSFLASH: Dad had the 2nd procedure today and all went well. A small incision in the neck was needed to help feed the wires down to the generator. Thank you, Aunt Bea, for going with them to Ann Arbor!


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  1. I’m so glad that all is going well…looking forward to hearing about all the projects he’s working on when the tremor is gone! Your dad is great!!!

  2. just talked to him and he is on his way home. A little tender where the generator is and his neck is sore but he is fine.

  3. The incision in the neck was to get around the fat, not muscle as he was trying to claim. Any time I can spend with my baby brother and his lovely bride is good, even in the hospital.


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